Russ Pearson Credentialed as a Certified Christian Educator

In the fall of 2008, Russ Pearson began a long journey.  For the next five years, Russ took various classes by correspondence through Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond.  Working toward his Master’s Degree in Christian Education, Russ had to travel to Richmond a couple of times each year and study on campus for several weeks.  For five years, he attended various classes online.  He read countless books and wrote various papers.  All the while working full time for our church, getting married and becoming a father.  Finally, in December of 2013, he graduated.  But that was not the end of his journey.  In order to become a Certified Christian Educator, Russ still had to write several major papers and complete various projects to be presented to the Educator Certification Committee.  As we all remember, this is about the time that Russ had cancer, so obviously his efforts toward certification were put on hold.  Thankfully, Russ successfully beat cancer, and he once again focused his efforts on completing his journey, and now his journey is complete.

With great joy and pride, our church needs to celebrate the end of Russ’ journey toward becoming a Certified Christian Educator.  On Saturday June 4, Russ will be recognized by the Presbytery and placed on the rolls as a Certified Christian Educator working within Holston Presbytery.  Anyone who would like attend that ceremony is invited to come to this meeting of Holston Presbytery to be held at King University in Bristol, Tennessee.  (Call our church office for details.)

On Sunday June 12 during our worship (9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.), we will have our own recognition ceremony for Russ’ new title and celebrate his accomplishment.  Following worship, we will have a reception for Russ in our Foyer.  This will give all of our church an opportunity to personally congratulate Russ and tell him how proud we are.  So make every effort to be here on that Sunday.  Let’s fill the church and give Russ the appreciation he deserves.