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Christian Stewardship – Caring for Creation and Life
God calls the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit to participate in God’s work of creation and preservation. God has given humankind awesome power and perilous responsibility to rule and tame the earth, to sustain and reshape it, to replenish and renew it.

Worship and the Use of Creation
In worship Christians rejoice and give thanks to God, who gives and sustains the created universe, the earth, all life, and all goods. They acknowledge God’s command to be stewards (caretakers of God’s world). They confess their own failures in caring for creation and life. They rejoice in the promise of the redemption and renewal of the creation in Jesus Christ, proclaimed in the Word and sealed in the Sacraments. They commit themselves to live as God’s stewards until the day when God will make all things new.

Stewardship of Creation
As stewards of God’s creation who hold the earth in trust, the people of God are called to use the earth’s resources responsibly without plundering, polluting, or destroying, develop technological methods and processes that work together with the earth’s environment to preserve and enhance life, produce and consume in ways that make available to all people what is sufficient for life, work for responsible attitudes and practices in procreation and reproduction, use and shape earth’s goods to create beauty, order, health, and peace in ways that reflect God’s love for all creatures.

In gratitude for the gifts of creation, the faithful bring material goods to God in worship as means of expressing praise, as a symbol of their self-offering, and as a token of their commitment to share earth’s goods.

Stewardship of Life
Those who follow the discipline of Christian stewardship will find themselves called to lives of simplicity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity, and concern for the earth and God’s creatures.

Christian Giving
Giving has always been a mark of Christian commitment and discipleship. The ways in which a believer uses God’s gifts of material goods, personal abilities, and time should reflect a faithful response to God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ and Christ’s call to minister to and share with others in the world. The Biblical call for Tithing is a primary expression of the Christian discipline of stewardship. As Presbyterians, we believe in Christ’s call for proportional giving. (Luke 12:48)

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