Guatemala Mission Trip 2016

Guatemala Mission Trip
June 30-July 8, 2016

Can you still feel the joy and love that we experienced in December in our brothers and sisters who visited us from Bethel Presbyterian Church in Guatemala City? Can you imagine what it would be like worshipping and serving alongside a whole church-full of people just as joyful and filled with love for God (and us!) as they were?

This is the new face of missions – working and worshipping alongside our mission partners, understanding that we both have much to give and receive from each other. The relationships that we form with each other are every bit as important as the projects that we do, and the truth is that our lives and faith are usually impacted in even greater ways than the people whose lives we might touch there- just ask any of the people who have participated in this partnership.

Guatemala 1If this sounds like something you feel the Spirit nudging you to be a part of, why not consider coming with us this summer?

We will spend half of the week in Guatemala City doing community outreach and home visits with Bethel Presbyterian. You will be stretched by the poverty you encounter, and overwhelmed by the expressions of faith and gratitude you hear from the people you visit.

After worship Sunday we will join a delegation from Bethel and travel north to Coban, where mission co-workers Philip Beisswenger and Debbie and Richard Welch live and work. Joining members of Philip’s congregation we will paint the interior of the Bee Rigby multipurpose building at the Guatemala 2Presbyterian Complex (funded in part by a bequest of our own Bee Rigby!), participate in its dedication, and do some form of community outreach. As a special project we hope to paint a mural on a portion of the wall surrounding the complex, under the creative oversight of Judy Grover.

For more information contact Sharon, or ask any of the previous participants about their experiences.
Cost: $500
Registration forms can be found in the foyer. Return to Sharon with a $200 deposit.
Deadline: March 31st.