Sunday School

Discovery Class
Room 1041st floor near the Childcare Center
The Discovery Class seeks to provide members and guests with opportunities for spiritual growth through a long term and comprehensive study of the Bible. The class has studied the books of the Old Testament, the gospels, and is currently studying the letters of Paul. Class instruction and discussions focus on what the scripture says, what it means, and how it applies to our daily lives. In the process, members draw close to each other through fellowship and prayerful support of one another. Everyone is invited and welcome.

Friends in Faith
Room 1031st floor near the Childcare Center

The Friends in Faith class is a group of adults interested in building a closer relationship to God through study of scripture, development of a rich prayer life, and nurturing each other in the faith. Recent topics of discussion have included: Living simply (using the book “Enough: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity), the Ten Commandments and the Pauline letters and lessons from the early church.  Class discussions are lively and thought provoking. Members are encouraged to share prayer concerns and pray together.  The current age range of the class is fairly broad (Forty-somethings and up), but all are welcome.

The Friends in Faith Sunday School Class will begin a new 6-week series beginning on January 7, 2018.  The series is titled Theology for Presbyterians.  We will focus on what the Reformed and Presbyterian traditions have believed in the past and ways key theological understandings matter in our Christian lives in the church today.  The six sessions are:

  • The Bible for Presbyterians
  • God for Presbyterians
  • Jesus Christ for Presbyterians
  • The Holy Spirit for Presbyterians
  • The Church for Presbyterians
  • The Future for Presbyterians

First Ladies Class
Room 101
1st floor, to the left of the coffee in the foyer, at main entrance near parking lot
Made up of women of every generation within our church, the First Ladies Class enjoys Bible studies and some topical studies.  Discussion, sharing and prayer are an important part of this class.

Koinonia Class
Room 102
1st floor, to the left of the coffee in the foyer, at main entrance near parking lot The Koinonia class addresses a wide range of Christian thinking as it applies to modern life.  The goal is to eventually study all the books of the Bible.  Open discussion and appreciation of all opinions and points of view are hallmarks of this unique class.

Chapel Fellowship Class
Room F102 – in the Fellowship Center
Chapel Fellowship begins each class with the singing of a few of the Old Time hymns, announcements, prayer concerns and missionary updates.  Then the class studies the Bible using “The Present Word” curriculum.  Wonderful class discussions make this a place to learn and grow in your relationship with the Lord and other believers.  Adults of any age are welcome.

Breakfast Club
Room 2072nd floor, next to the pre-school Sunday school class and nursery
In the words of Donald Miller, “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”  We are a group that is admittedly, unabashedly flawed.  We enjoy getting together for open and relaxed discussions about balancing our hectic lives with our spiritual needs. With travel and other commitments, no one has perfect attendance, but we look forward to gathering each week and discussing ways to keep God at the center of our lives and families.  We are mostly couples with younger children, but anyone is more than welcome to join us.   Our group focuses on service within and outside the church, as well as social events (church, camping, cookouts, life events, etc.) and support for each other as we walk through this crazy life.