One Worship Service

As you may have already heard, Session voted on a recommendation from the Renewal Committee at our December meeting to transition into having only one service of worship.  Last Summer we had one worship service, and we received a lot of positive feedback from the congregation.  At the June meeting of Session, we discussed the possibility of permanently switching to one worship service.  We ultimately decided to refer this question to the Renewal Committee.  Based upon an overwhelming preference heard in the congregational surveys, the Renewal Committee recommended to Session that we make the change to one service of Worship.

One service of worship will unite our two worshiping communities into one, and this will strengthen our church.  Last Summer we found that a larger attendance in the Sanctuary brought more energy and joy into the experience of worship.  This is not only a benefit to the worshiping community, it also makes a significant difference to visitors.  A full sanctuary will unquestionably make a better impression.  Combining our worship services will help us grow.

There are two decisions that need to be made – the time for worship to begin each Sunday and the day when we will switch to one service.  Our Worship Committee has been assigned the task of evaluating the pros and cons of various alternatives.  Worship will then submit a report and recommendation to Session, and Session will ultimately decide.  If you would like to share your thoughts on these questions, please contact one of the members of the Worship Committee.  You will find a list of the Worship Committee members, as well as the members of Session, in this Newsletter.

Session firmly believes that transitioning to one service of worship will be in the best interest for our church and church’s future.  Your thoughts, your opinions, and your support are greatly appreciated.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church




Roger Goin ‘18(Chair)              Peggy Smith ’19

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Jimmy Oliver (At large)            Paula Scott (At large)

Jenny Clemmer (At large)

Mark Davis – Staff Liaison


The Session

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