Memorial Garden and Columbarium

Memorial Garden and Columbarium


The purpose of the Memorial Garden and Columbarium is to provide a consecrated site on church property for the permanent inurnment of ash remains of communicant members of First Presbyterian Church of Kingsport (FPCK) and their families for memorializing those interred at other locations. 

Designed as a place of prayer and meditation, it will stand as a reminder that those who went before us are not forgotten.  It is an appropriate last resting place for the earthly remains of those who, in life, loved this church. 

Rev. David Cagle Dedicating the Memorial Columbarium


The Presbyterian Church (USA) is supportive of cremation as an appropriate means of dealing with earthly remains.  The body, which is raised in the resurrection, is a spiritual body; therefore, the choice for either burial or cremation is appropriate in the Presbyterian theology.  The practice of cremation is becoming more widespread because it is sound theology and ecology as well as good stewardship. 


Inurnment in the Columbarium and memorialization in the Garden are offered to present and past FPCK members, including former clergy, and their immediate families (spouse, children, children’s spouse and children), parents, stepchildren and stepparents.  In the case of a married couple or members of the same family, two persons can be inured in one niche.  One person may be memorialized on a plaque. 


Those wishing to purchase a niche or memorial plaque should fill out an application form and sign the Terms of Agreement and pay the appropriate fee.  The church will then issue a receipt acknowledging payment and a Certificate for Right to Inurnment in a specific columbarium niche.  Arrangements can be made through the First Presbyterian Church office by contacting Annie Hill. When possible, plans should be made well in advance of need so that decisions can be calm and without a sense of urgency.  The niche fee includes the cost of inurnment of cremated remains and installation of the granite cover.  The church will be responsible for opening and closing niches and having niche covers engraved with the name and years of the deceased.  A small additional fee for engraving the niche cover will be assessed at the time of inurnment.  Cremation and any other services of the funeral home are not included in the niche fee.  

Memorial plaque fees include ordering, engraving, and installation. 


The Columbarium consists of 192 niches in a 12-sided module, 8 rows high.   

Each niche measures 8”W x 8”H x 16”D.  The granite face of each niche provides space for the names, birth and death years of two people. 

Memorial plaques will be placed on one of the curved brick walls in the Garden. 

The Garden and Columbarium is sited in the grassy area bordered by Holston and Charlemont streets and the church parking lot.