To Be Continued...In Us

During the summer, Dr. Shelton will do a sermon series entitled “TO BE CONTINUED”, based on Acts. Luke, its author, calls it “ACTS OF APOSTLES” but it might be called the ACTS OF HOLY SPIRIT. Acts was never meant to be APOSTLES’ GREATEST HITS. The main character wasn’t John, Peter, or Paul but the HOLY SPIRIT. Luke picks up after Easter. The Disciples wait in an Upper Room, huddled in fear. The Holy Spirit comes in a mighty way and the Church was born. This wasn’t Church as a place to come and go. This was Church as it was meant to be: a community, working together, serving together, caring for each other, carrying on Jesus’ mission. This movement soon spread out in many directions, took in all people, and turned the world upside down. Luke will tell gripping stories of courage, love, and excitement. All the HEROES eventually die but the JESUS MOVEMENT kept going.