To Be Continued…In Us – A Sermon Series on Acts Beginning May 5, 2024

To Be Continued…In Us – A Sermon Series on Acts Beginning May 5, 2024

Beginning May 5, 2024, Dr. Shelton will do a sermon series entitled “TO BE CONTINUED”, based on Acts. Luke, its author, calls it “ACTS OF APOSTLES” but it might be called the ACTS OF HOLY SPIRIT. Acts was never meant to be APOSTLES’ GREATEST HITS. The main character wasn’t John, Peter, or Paul but the HOLY SPIRIT. Luke picks up after Easter. The Disciples wait in an Upper Room, huddled in fear. The HOLY SPIRIT comes in a mighty way and the Church was born. This wasn’t Church as a place to come and go. This was Church as it was meant to be: a community, working together, serving together, caring for each other, carrying on Jesus’ mission. This movement soon spread out in many directions, took in all people, and turned the world upside down. Luke will tell gripping stories of courage, love, and excitement. All the HEROS eventually die but the JESUS MOVEMENT kept going.

Posted below are the readings in advance so that you will have time to ponder them before coming to worship. Here is a thought as we prepare for this series: The outlook of our lives determines the outcome of our lives. Our focus determines our reality.

May 5…”The Opening Act” Acts 1:1-11

May 12…”People Like Us” Acts 1:15-31

May 19…”Stuck in An Upper Room” Acts 2

May 26…”Jesus Builds His Team” Acts 2:43-47

June 2…”Meeting Jesus in Disguise” Acts 3

June 9…”Taking the High Road” Acts 4

June 16…”Beyond Your Assignment” Acts 6

June 23 – Russ Pearson to Preach

June 30…”Expanding the Family Room” Acts 8

July 7…”Small Things Matter” Acts 9:36

July 14…”Christianity Goes Viral” Acts 11:19-26

July 21…”Prayer Drives the Church, not Money” Acts 12

July 28…”Singing at Midnight” Acts 16

August 4…Spiritual but Not Religious” Acts 17

August 11…”God Puts Our Farewell on the Clock” Acts 20:17-24

August 18…”Closed Doors and Open Windows” Acts 27:39; 28:10

August 25…”Will It Continue in Us” Acts 28:11-31